Forty-two and 86/100 (42.86) percent or 9 out of 21 of Western Leyte College members of the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants passed the Certified Public Accountant Board Examination held in Manila, Cebu and Iloilo last October 6, 7, 13 and 14.

In that examination, the National Passing Rate was 44.78%, spelling out a difference of 1.92% vis-à-vis the WLC’s Passing Rate. Baguio and Davao were also testing venues.

The following were the Certified Public Accountants, fresh from the oven: Juliet S. Rebuyas, Niña Grace Rita Mangle, Maria Sheena L. Quiandao, May Ann T. Uy, Neptali G. Maroto, Jelyn B. Bitoon, Maria Irene R. Batican, Raelane D. Chua, and Yolando T. Flores.

Meanwhile, Dean Manolito A. Edaño of the College of Accountancy revealed that in the CPA Board Examination held in Manila and Cebu last May 2012, 4 or 33.33% of the 12 WLC takers made it. Two were conditional.

The passers were: Carla Fe C. Noya, Irish Glenn D. Manalo, Paul Julius S. De Pio and Rosemary Iburda.

Only 1, 995 or 37.54% of 5,315 takers throughout the country passed the aforecited examination.




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